[VIDEO] Cara Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Ajar Anaknya Yang Berumur 4 Bulan Sangat Menarik Dan Mendapat Pujian Dari Netizen

Setiap orang ada cara tersendiri bagi mengajar anak-anak mereka sedari bayi lagi, setiap ibu bapa mahukan yang terbaik untuk anak-anak mereka. Mereka sanggup melakukan pelbagai cara bagi memastikan anak-anak mendapat pendidikan dan asuhan yang terbaik.

Baru-baru ini angkasawan negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor telah memuatnaik video di instagramnya, bagaimana untuk mengajar bayi seusia 4 bulan memberi respon dengan apa yang diajarkan. Beliau mempunyai pendekatan sendiri dalam mengajar bayi kembarnya yang baru berusia empat bulan!

Perkongsiannya di Instagram mendapat perhatian netizen yang tertarik dengan caranya itu. Ini mungkin akan memberi inspirasi kepada orang lain yang menontonnya.

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Pic – The twins at 4 months . Adam & Noah are now at an age where they just want to move around instead of just lying down like an upside- down turtle . Their eyes keep on studying their surrounding , more alert , their legs kicking excessively , responding with a big smile when their names are being called including face recognition and wanting to grab things , crawling up to one feet and roll over which are signs of good development … Alhamdulillah … This is when life gets more interesting for us parents to double up our effort on them . By now we are starting to focus on … 1 . Words flashcards 2. Balancing movement 3. To be able to sit unsupported 4. Grip strengthening 5. More crawling time It’s fascinating to see the twins competing with each other as both develop at a different rate . The younger Noah ( by 2 minutes ) was the 1st to roll over but the older Adam not to be beaten was the 1st to be able to crawl up to 1 feet . Noah is still 200gm behind Adam but are catching up . Am glad both have the same length . Will try to post some videos on my upcoming posts for these next stage of development . Love As Always …. 😀

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Bukan untuk faham tapi tinggalkan kesan memori

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Video – Word Flashcards At 4 months of age we have changed the flashcards from black&white dots and numbers into large red words . We do them in various topics like countries , flags , mammals etc but this week I have chose colours for the boys . The idea is not for the babies to understand the words but rather to imprint them in their memory which will help them to identify the words at a later stage . We practice these techniques to the girls and Bella started reading at the age of 3 and Tasha 3.5 years old which we are happy …. I do the flashcards quite fast due to their short attention span but what’s important is the boys are able to focus and excited on seeing the flashcards . Do these twice a day for a week and change topics weekly as babies get bored very fast . Have A Great Week Everyone … 😁

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“Di usia 4 bulan, kami menukar flashcard titik hitam & putih dan nombor kepada flashcard perkataan bersaiz besar warna merah. Topik yang digunakan termasuklah negara, bendera, haiwan mamalia dan sebagainya. Bagi minggu ini saya pilih topik warna untuk anak-anak ini.

Bukan soal mereka untuk memahami perkataan tersebut akan tetapi bagi meninggalkan kesan memori bagi membantu mereka mengenalpasti perkataan berkenaan di masa depan. Kami amalkan cara ini kepada kakak-kakak mereka dan Bella boleh mula membaca ketika berusia 3 tahun manakala Tasha pada umur 3 tahun setengah.

Saya tunjukkan flashcard cepat-cepat sebab mereka mempunyai tempoh perhatian yang pendek. Apa yang lebih penting mereka boleh fokus dan teruja melihat flashcard berkenaan.

Praktikkan cara ini dua kali sehari selama seminggu dan tukar topik setiap minggu kerana mereka mudah bosan.”

Cara yang ditunjukkan oleh Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor ini ada kelebihannya, dimana anak-anak kecil tidak akan mudah bosan dan sebaliknya mereka rasa seronok dan selesa.


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Pic – Plane ride with the twins Many asked me whether is it difficult to travel in a big family ? The answer is NO if each of us play our role right. We always prepare the children early to reach the airport 3 hours before departure . I would buy some activity books for the girls to play on the flight so that we could focus on the twins . Start bottle feed the babies as the plane are about to take off as the depressurisation might cause discomfort to them . We prefer baby carriers as strollers are too bulky . For those who can afford , do get a bigger room at the hotel for the family so that they can run around instead of a small contained room . And that means spending on a suite. Know your babies moods – when they need their sleep and feeding time and make your plans revolving on these routine . Dad needs to help with the extra work to allow mommy have some rest as travelling can be very exhausting to us parents . I don’t need sleep much just 4 hours a day so usually I will take the night shift . Sometimes babies can be very cranky at a new environment so be aware of this too . And get help from hotel staffs . We were lucky that many Legoland staffs adored our babies so sometimes we just hand to them while we have our breakfast but with cautious of course . Only trustworthy faces are allowed to handle our babies … 😁 Our 4 days holiday experiment was a blast and will certainly looking forward for our next trip . So please don’t let a big family prevent you from travelling afar as it can be more rewarding . Pic – I’m handling the twins while Dr Halina is preparing the girls on their flight seats . Enjoy the School Holidays ….

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Reaksi netizen


Bagi sesetengah orang berpendapat bahawa bayi seusia 4 bulan bukanlah masa yang sesuai untuk didedahkan kepada pembelajaran. Tetapi sebenarnya ketika itu la paling sesuai kerana otak mereka masih segar dan mampu menerima segala apa yang diajar walaupun merka belum mampu bercakap dan memberi tindak balas yang kita mahukan.


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Vidèo – Spending time with the twins . I believe in giving lots of love to your child especially in the 1st 7 years of their lives . And that means lots of hugging , cuddling , kissing and spending lots of time with them as these are crucial times . Talk to them often even if they are babies because they really do understand them . Try to avoid the word NO … but instead explain to them why . And when you talk to them , kneel down to be on eye level to them especially when they are toddlers . It’s a better way of communicating . At 7-14 years of age it’s more of disciplining them to do the right thing with lots of guidance . I will soon reach that stage with Bella . And from 14 years and above … be their friend . Not just a friend but be their best friend where they will confide to you on everything . And more importantly to know all their friends and who they hang out with and with some freedom at the same time . Theoretically it sounds easy but as parents we just want what’s best for them . Parenting is like an experiment and every child reacts differently . But you can’t go wrong with “ Love “ as it always wins . And I do have a long way to go with my children . PS – I love kissing the twins rounded head . 😀 Have A Great Monday Everyone …

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