“Saya ‘Hut4ng’ Dia Sudah Lama, Rasanya Dekat Tujuh Tahun.” – Lee Chong Wei Mahu Selesaikan Hut4ng Terhadap Isteri

Menurut Chong Wei, sekarang merupakan masa yang sesuai untuk dia dan isteri pergi untuk berbulan madu.

“Sebab utama bersara adalah kerana saya perlu banyak berehat. Lagi satu, saya ada ‘hut4ng’ dengan isteri sebab selama berkahwin pada tahun 2012 kami belum sempat honeymoon lagi.

“Saya ‘hut4ng’ dia sudah lama, rasanya dekat tujuh tahun. Ini kerana seperti yang anda tahu, sebagai atlet badminton saya lebih banyak menghabiskan masa untuk latihan dan menyertai pelbagai kejohanan. 

“Saya rasa ini adalah masa terbaik untuk saya berehat dan meluangkan lebih banyak masa bersamanya.

“Memandangkan anak pun dah ada dua orang, jadi selepas ini saya akan ada banyak masa untuk bersama dan bawa mereka pergi bercuti,”

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Today is 1st of May . Labour Day and also the birthday of the most important person in my life . Poor her , non stop working for my family , even on Labour Day .. Ever since I met her during our teenage years , I knew I met the most beautiful girl in my life . Little I knew she had the most beautiful heart as well . Many said its lucky to be Lee Chong Wei’s missus . But let me get it straight , it’s due to her that Lee Chong Wei is who he is today . I owe her so much . She was there for me when I was a nobody . She inspired me to work harder . She carried me during my darkest hours due to illness . And she gave me the two little precious naughty rascals , Kingston and Terrance . Lucky me , isn’t it . Happy birthday , my lovely Wife . I promise you I won’t leave you so early yet . Let’s grow old together and celebrate many many more birthday of yours …. oh ya , with that two monkeys … haha. ♥️ Love you 3000x #loveyou3000times 五一劳动节快乐 今天是劳动节,但妙珠却365天全年无休。 很多人说当李宗伟的女人真幸福,但我必须告诉你,这些年我亏欠她太多。 当我默默无闻,她在我身后默默守候;当我站在奖台上,在电视机前的她比我还开心;当我陷入人生低谷,她牵着我的手不离不弃;为了这个家,她付出了青春和自己,还生了两个小淘气;能娶到她,才是我这辈子大的福气。 老婆,谢谢你出现在我生命里,生日快乐,爱你 3000次:)

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Chong Wei dan Mew Choo telah mendirikan rumah tangga pada tahun 2012 dan dikurniakan dua cahaya mata.

Chong Wei berkata demikian ketika menyampaikan ucapan persaraan beliau di Menara KBS, Putrajaya, Khamis.

Semalam, Chong Wei sah mengumuman pesaraannya selepas 19 tahun berada dalam arena sukan badminton.

Menurut Chong Wei, keputusan itu dibuat selepas mendapat nasihat daripada doktor akibat masalah k4nser hidung yang dihadapinya.

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To all my family friends and fans. To everyone of you who have been a part of my life, thank you. A real big sincere thank you. Months ago, all of you knew I had cancer. I fought it. And I thought I fought it well. I thought I could try one more time. I am just someone who love to play badminton. Someone who love my country. I feared of retiring with regrets. I was scared of not delivering that elusive Olympic gold for Malaysia. So when I was cleared of cancer, I took up my racquet and trained once again. After few days of light training, I wanted to get clearanyce from my doctor to heighten my training intensity, then i was dealt a major blow. From that scan, doctor shook his head and said i might face the risk of recurrence if I continue to train. Mew Choo crumbled crying. She feared i might be stubborn and continue to pursue my dream. I was at loss. I thought “How am I supposed to hang up my racket after nearly twenty years of competitive badminton?, “ How about my Olympic dreams?” At home, i kept myself occupied with my two sons, Kingston and Terrence. I bathed them, I fed them, I taught them badminton. I spent time with them. Most importantly, I really watched them grew up. Then it struck me to finally make up my mind. I shouldn’t be so selfish. I have played for myself, I have played for my country. This time, I want to play the role of a father, for long long time. I want to see them grow up to be proper men, to get married, to have kids. I want to take care of my wife when she is old too. So Yes, I have made my decision to quit. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to Tokyo this time around. And I’m sorry I didn’t deliver an Olympic gold. But I know I’ve no regrets as I’ve tried my best. My very best. I hope my name Lee Chong Wei has inspired you all one way or another, same like the way you guys inspired me. Without my family, my teammates, my coaches, and my supporters, I won’t achieve anything. I had no regrets. When i started playing badminton, all I wanted to do is to represent Malaysia. And I believed I did it with pride and honour. Well. I’m done. Thank you very much to all of you. Lee Chong Wei signing out.

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